My biggest fear! Whats yours ?

Hey guys this is a random blog post just sharing a part of me with you! Hope you enjoy! Let me know what your biggest fear is in the comment section!

My biggest fear and the only thing I’m scared of is SPIDERS!! I don’t know why or where the fear came from but I just hate spiders. No matter how big or small I run away like a baby at the sight of them! I’m a pretty big guy, 21 years old and 6ft 1′ but the sight of a baby spider and I run a mile!

Even writing about this is making the hairs stand up on my arms and I probably wont be able to sleep tonight because now, it will be all I can think about!

Image result for spider

I can remember as a child waking everyone in the house up in the middle of the night because I was sure there was a spider in my room! I did this constantly for years which I’m sure didn’t help create the fear I have now! It was awful the constant fear that they were around me crawling around just EWW! I HATE them!

There used to be a little spider that lived behind the wing mirror of my car. Everyday before work I used to have a cigarette in the car and if I flicked ash into the spiders web he would crawl out and get rid of it! I can remember apologizing to spider throwing away my cigarette and rolling up my window. I even started smoking out the passenger side just so I didn’t annoy him! After a while he started coming out from behind the mirror every time I got in the car and I used to say hello. This was the closest I have ever come to liking a spider or even not minding one!

Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those people who are scared of everything! It’s just spiders! I don’t mind heights, flying, snakes or anything else just spiders!

When I go on holiday on Monday there is a place we are going called a Zoo cafe. You get to hold animals and all that while at it. My girlfriend is seriously considering holding a Tarantula! I think I will have to leave if the place while she does it if she goes through with it!

Anyways that’s it for this post! Let me know what are your fears in the comments!

Thank you for all the likes and follows on my previous posts I really hope you are enjoying this blog!

Catch you in the next post! Charlie

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Day 2 – A surprise day off! Hitting 20 followers!

Today I hit 20 followers!!

This is a great accomplishment for me as I honestly didn’t even expect to gain 1 follower! It feels great! Thank you so so much to those who have followed me!

Image result for celebration

This one will be a short post as I’m sad to say not much happened in the life of Charlie today! It was a nice relaxing day though which was very nice and well needed! πŸ™‚

I woke up to a text from my boss saying that they had got the rota wrong for the day and I didn’t have to come in if i didn’t want to! Normally I would jump at the thought of more hours but today I was delighted to hear I didn’t have to come in as I have been really busy lately and needed a good rest!

So what did I do with my surprise day off? Well, the most exciting part was going to get my haircut! It was a great chance to catch up with my family and put my feet up and relax! I got to write a separate blog post to my day to day blog. It was really nice to be able to add new parts to my blog! You can find this new part here!Β  feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

In other news hitting 20 followers today felt amazing! I’m feeling really positive about this blog and hoping that people are really enjoying my content! At theΒ  I know this post is a bit short but hey, sometimes you have those days where nothing really happens but I think it is important to include these parts as it is all part of the journey!

Tomorrow I will 100% be working for most of the day but who knows what the rest of the day will bring! I will let you know!

That’s all I can really say about today! Thank you so much to the people who have followed me and I hope that everyone is enjoying my blog. Please feel free to leave a comment letting me know how I’m doing and if there is any advice any of you can give.

Thanks again and catch you in the next post! CHARLIE

Holidays Budapest No.1 – Getting close!

Hey guys, this is a new little segment to my blog where I will document my holidays before, during and after. I hope you enjoy. Please comment down below if you have any tips or hints about where I’m going or any place that I should visit!

In only three days time me and my girlfriend will set off on our holidays to Budapest! We are both very excited and can’t wait to get away together for a few days! We are staying right in the middle of Pest which seems to be the better side for the sort of things we are interested in (drinking, eating, getting that instagram pic!) We decided after our short trip to London that we would do lots of small trips away to cities around the world instead of one big long trip. Although we do love the long breaks away, going on smaller trips seems to let us get more done and it feels like we are really making the most of our time off!

Image result for budapest

So Budapest, one thing that we have noticed is that it is ridiculously cheap! 1.30 euro for a pint? YES PLEASE πŸ™‚ . We have booked a couple of things for while we are there. The thermal baths, a cruise down the river and a meal on a rooftop restaurant. Other than these three things we plan to explore the city as it is said to be truly magnificent! If anybody knows anything else we should do while we are there please let me know down below! We really want to find all the good spots and make the most of our trip! We have three full days in Budapest which we hope is enough! Its great to keep the trips small as we don’t have to take too many days off work which means we can plan more trips in the near future!

Other than all of that we are just packing our bags making sure we have everything that we need and planning travel to get over and back. We are getting the train from the airport into Budapest which I hope will be alright! I travel to my girlfriends on Sunday and then we set off on Monday. Our flight is in the afternoon which is nice to not have to get up super early and be tired all day but we do loose time in Budapest for that day. Our flight was meant to be in the morning but we got a message from Ryanair a few weeks ago saying they have changed the time to later in the day which is a bit of a pain! Typical Ryanair though… at least their cheap! The flight from Ireland is 3 hours.. YEP 3 hours on a Ryanair flight! Really not looking forward to that but I hope it will all be worth it when we get there!

That’s all for this post hope you enjoyed the read if you have made it down this far! Let me know if you have any recommendations for Budapest!

Catch you in the next post! CHARLIE


Day 1 – Holiday Prep! … and work…

So this marks my 1st official post since my return! The first of many! This is the start of my day to day blogging so let me know what you think!

Today was a nice day, I didn’t have to start work until 5pm which meant a lovely sleep-in! I got up at around 11am which was well needed! Me and my girlfriend are going to Budapest on Monday so today was a great day to get started on all the prep. Packing bags, sorting clothes and finding our passports!

It was nice to have time off before work as I’m on my summer holidays from college now and I’m working all the time. Its great to get shifts at work but I hate working in the mornings! I’m really looking forward to our holiday, time to relax and plenty of drink! We are spending 3 full days in Budapest and I’m really looking forward to it! It looks great! We have lots planned for while we are there but if anybody is reading this and has been before let me know if there is anything that is a must do or any tips for while we are over there!

Image result for budapest

Other than packing etc we caught up on some T.V mainly YouTube. we have started to watch a Youtuber call Simon Wilson. He is awesome! Most of his videos are of him travelling around different places with no money and documenting his journey! Its great content and well worth a watch! If you can’t find him on Youtube leave a comment and I will leave a link.

Lastly was work, work was really great! After working in the shop for 3 years now I literally know everything there is to retail which makes my days at work a LOT easier! Only one thing ruins my days at work and that is travellers. Here in Ireland there are a lot of travellers. If you don’t know what travellers are, basically they are people that live in caravans or settled in houses around the town and have a very bad reputation. That is a very poor description but if you want more information let me know or google it I’m sure someone else can give a much better description than i can. Don’t get me wrong I know a lot of great travellers and I even have a lot of friends that are travellers but there are a lot of them that give them an awful name. They come into our shop, harass staff and steal as much as they can whenever they can. They don’t care what you say to them and have no respect for anyone. Even the guards (police) don’t bother to come to the shop and help with them if they are needed as they know there is nothing they can do as the travellers just don’t care. Other than a few bad travellers coming in though work was great! After work my boss asked me to work tomorrow for a couple of hours as he wants to take his wife out for dinner for her birthday which I was more than happy to do! More hours and money for me haha!

That’s basically my whole day!Β  As far as I’m concerned it was a good day πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to tomorrow for another sleep-in and a bit more work! I hope you all enjoyed this little update and feel free to comment down below any questions or advice you may have for me!

That’s all for today! Catch you in the next Blog! CHARLIE.

Making a return

Image result for guess whos back

So a long while ago I decided to start a blog and well lets just say it didn’t go as i planned. I could never find the time or motivation to come up with new things to talk about or really get into it. So earlier today I was searching through my laptop and found this old blog that I had and thought now would be a perfect time to give it another go!

A lot has changed in my life since I stopped this blog. I got a new house with my girlfriend, completed another year at college (passing all my exams!!), completed a 3 month placement, got to travel on a cruise around Norway and still have my job! So it really has been a great year.

For the future my main plan is to finish college and head into ‘the real world’. I feel pretty prepared as I have worked part-time for the past 3 years now and I’m ready for the next step in getting a full-time job and making a living. I hope that I get a decent job that I enjoy and keep my close friends I have made.

This blog has always been intended to be a personal one where I share my thoughts, feelings and day to day life. I’m going to try and post every day and try to keep my content creative and entertaining! This post is an exception as it is just an update to mark my return!

If anybody is reading this far down please let me know what you think are good things to include in my blog. I really want to make a proper go at it this time and see where I end up! I look forward to hopefully getting to know some people and seeing this blog grow πŸ™‚

That’s all I’m going to include in this post. My main idea is to start a day by day update blog with what is happening in my life hoping that some of you can relate. Along side the day by day I will do some longer more relevant posts to share with you.

Anyway I hope you all enjoy my content and I really look forward to seeing what is to come. Again, if anybody has any advice for me please comment below and I will take it all aboard.

Stay safe and catch you in the next blog! CHARLIE.

Day 1

This post starts a new part of my blog. So far I have only been writing about things that have happend to me over my life and general things about myself. This new section to my blog will be a day by day update about my life and what is happening in my life. I’m not sure how much interest it will get but hopefully some people can relate to my life and maybe even comment with advice or just questions as this section grows. Anyway I hope you enjoy this new section to my blog. Leave a like and comment if you wish! Any feedback or interest in my post makes me feel great!

So to start, today was Sunday, a worldwide day of rest….. NOPE! My day started waking up early and going to work! Don’t get me wrong work is great and all but just working all the time and not even having the weekend to myself SUCKS!

Image result for working all the time meme

Part of my college work is going on placement too so I have to work there Mon – Fri 9-5 and then also have to work Wed and Thur evenings and Sat and Sun! I am Wrecked tired! I only have to do placement up until Christmas so hey whats another month! I like to keep a positive attitude when it comes to work and consider myself lucky to have a job where I can make a decent wage and meet new people everyday.

Anyway back on track, work was great today. There was loads to do which makes time fly! It was quite and the weather was horrible which always makes it easier to get more done at work! I stayed an extra 20 mins after work as Sunday evenings are always really busy and I helped my boss do the tills and lock up the shop. I enjoy waiting a little longer after the day is done and help my boss as he does a lot for me so I like to give something back!

Once I got home I got changed and relaxed… Finally…. Then to make things even better my girlfriend arrived home! That’s the best part of the weekend! When we are both home together it makes me super happy πŸ™‚

And that’s where I am now. In bed updating my blog, loving life! I’m going to end this blog now have some dinner and watch I’m a Celebrity which started this evening WOOOO!

I hope you all had a great Sunday and are all happy! Let me know what you think of this new section to my blog and if you enjoyed reading! Happy Sunday!

Catch you in the next Blog! Charlie


My Best Friend

Ok so tonight i’m on a blogging roll! I’m just really in the mood to keep typing and sharing my story! This blog is about my best friend but it may not be what you are expecting! I hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

So when people talk about their best friend it’s always a friend from the childhood, a school friend or a friend that they made in college. This could not be any further from the truth for me. My best friend I have known all my life (and no its not my mum!). My best friend is my Grandfather.

Ever since I was a child me and my Grandfather have had a bond that nobody could break or understand. My Grandad played a huge part in bringing me up when my mum and dad split up so i guess that is where this friendship blossom’d. He is a man of many tales and stories about his life and I am always hanging of every word he speaks. We get on like a house on fire and it is him who I turn to when I need advice or just someone to talk too.

Ever since I was a child I have been my grandads right hand man! I used to sit at the window when I got in from school and wait for him to come home. He worked all over the world (which is where most of his famous tales originate from) and always made sure he was home when I needed him. He worked with a firm fixing machinery and laying foundations for huge buildings to be built on. This is where he had an accident and lost his eye. He used to always scare me by saying he will leave his glass eye in my room and watch me if I wouldn’t settle at night!

He always has my best intentions at heart and at times I know I have disappointing him and let down him yet he still stays by my side never, not even once letting me down. He worked all the time to make sure me, my mother and brother had a good life and never struggled.

There is so much more I could say about my Grandfather and so many more stories I could tell but I will save them for a different Blog. All I can say is my Grandfather is, always has been and always will be my best friend!

That’s all I have for this Blog! I hope you enjoyed reading it. Let me know if you did and comment on this post! I was thinking of starting a new section to this blog called ‘tales of my Grandfather’ there are so many great stories to share with you all that would have you from crying to laughing your head off! So let me know if you would be interested in the stories we share and the stories of his own life.

Again any advice anyone would like to share with me about what i’m doing right or wrong with this blog or how I could improve please let me know, it would be great to get the feedback! Make sure to check out my other posts too!

Catch you in the next blog! CHARLIE.



House Hunting New Beginnings

So it’s been ages since I did a blog update mainly because I have started placement with my college course in Social Care. It’s made me mad busy for the past couple of months with not much time to spare! Anyway I have managed to make some spare time in my busy schedule to do what I like best! BLOGGING!

This blog is going to be about my search for a better house to live in with my girlfriend. Right now i’m in a sticky situation! My landlord is awful who is all money money money and doesn’t give a crap about us tenants! Just a couple of days ago there was a leak in my apartment which leaked into our electrics and now Four days later there has still been nobody sent to come and look at the damage and make sure the electrics are ok to use and the water damaged assessed as I requested. All I have been told is that the leak came from a blocked shower in the upstairs apartment.

Along with this, the landlord has decided to give apartments to the council to be used as ’emergency housing’. Where i’m from this means housing for those who got kicked out of their last accommodation. There are rough groups of people hanging around all the time, the smell of drugs around the different blocks and people being assaulted around the area over the past couple of weeks. It’s really upsetting to see the area like this as only a year ago it was a great spot to live in! It was safe and a warm place to be.

So since the water leak issue me and my girlfriend decided enough is enough. We began looking at accommodation in the local area. Keeping mind we are both students so the new place has to be in reasonable distance to the college and not too expensive. We both work part-time and have some financial aid from our parents until we finish our degree so our budget is around €650 a month. Its been a real pain to find somewhere decent. We live completely independently so we have to plan a way to move all our stuff to a different point along with trying to find a place that will suit all our needs.

We have a couple of months to find the perfect spot for us both but until then all I can see is some stressful weeks ahead. Anyway we will keep on trucking and work at it until we are happy. This is hopefully the start of something new and exciting for us both and we can find somewhere to live for a few years until we can get properly on our own two feet.

New Beginnings.

That’s all I really have for this Blog. I hope you guys enjoyed reading! Any suggestions you have about my situation let me know in the comments! I would really appreciate any advice! Also if you have any advice on my blog in general like the way I write to the things I talk about please feel free to let me know! Thanks again for reading if you have made it this far!

Catch you in the next blog! CHARLIE.

Smoking and me

So as I’ve mentioned before I’m a 19 year old male and yes I do smoke. Believe me I know all the bad things about smoking as my Father is a doctor and my Grandfather recently passed away due to smoking related illnesses. So you would think I would quit smoking right? Wrong. I just can’t seem to stop! I’ve tried the new e-cigarettes, patches and the rest of everything that’s out there. None of it seems to work for me. I smoke between 10-20 a day depending on the day that’s in it which worries me quite a lot when i think about it.

I started smoking when I was 14 which i know is ridiculously young but it would literally only 1 or 2 every few days. Looking back on it I think I just did it to be cool or to just have a crowd to hang out with…. ‘the smokers’. My brother smoked and he gave me my first cigarette. It was the next day that I got one of the older lads at my school to by me my first box of Benson. It was around this time that me and my friends began drinking before going to teenage disco’s and the likes so smoking just grew and grew as a habit for me. I think when I was younger I wanted to be someone that I wouldn’t be proud of today. I was changing as a person growing up and hanging around the wrong people and doing the wrong things like drinking, smoking and drugs. I will talk about those things in a different blog. It was my mother who noticed the change in me and so began to get me back on track. She is a counselor and began just talking to me when I was in from school and showed a lot of interest in my days. She would always tell me how i should be acting which some people may not agree with but she was right. This began to change me back to the person I wanted to be and i began to drop bad habits and distance from people I didn’t want to be close to anymore. The only bad thing I continued was the smoking.

I got an e-cigarette when I turned 18 and it stopped me smoking for around 3-6 months. All the different strengths and flavors where amazing and it kept me interested. However, not having to go outside for a smoke seemed to make me just smoke it more often. Then i started to get really bad pain in my throat and the top of my chest and this wouldn’t go away until I stopped vaping and went back to smoking. Plus do we actually know that these e-cigarettes are better for you than smoking or has nobody been smoking it long enough to present the potential side effects it could have on people?

The first year of college was the killer for my attempts to stop smoking. I lived in a house with 3 other lads and there was a lot of drinking and nights out. We were allowed to smoke in our house which didn’t help my situation. I kept telling myself all year that I would stop but now first year is over and its summer and I’m still smoking the same.

My main aim is to have stopped smoking by the time I finish college. I hope i haven’t caused harm beyond repair to myself by then. I keep looking at my alive Grandfather as hope as he smoked 100’s of cigarettes a day and has now quit 20 years and his lungs and everything is fully back to normal. I’m going to continue to try and cut down on how many I smoke a day. Even now its 1pm and I’ve only had one cigarette which is really good for me! If anyone has any ways to share about how they have quit smoking or know of way to help stop smoking please let me know!

Anyway guys that’s all for this blog update. I haven’t really had much to talk about the last couple of days so I decided to talk about this part of my life. I hope you enjoyed and if there is anything you would like to say to me please please comment below and let me know. Thank for taking time to read this blog and if you are down this far a massive thank you! I hope you enjoyed reading this part three. be sure to check out my other blog updates if you did! If you have any tips or anything on how I write please let me know. Thanks for reading again!

Catch you in the next blog! CHARLIE.

Saturdays turning positive

This image pretty much sums up my mood for Saturdays. Don’t get me wrong I love weekends, being able to go out with friends or family for drinks or just being able to meet up with people and do fun things. However, when you work all day Saturday and then first thing Sunday morning this is not the case. 12:30pm was the start of my shift and like the idiot I am I decided to stay up until 6am the previous night watching stupid videos and surfing the web. At the weekend I’m in the house alone as my girlfriend is away at work and without anyone saying ‘lets go to bed’ the thought of sleep doesn’t even cross my mind. I’m not sure if this happens to any other people but take my advice and don’t do it! Just go to bed and its all worth it in the morning. Anyway as arrived at work I kept think only 8 hours and 30 minutes until you get to go home. I try to think positive about having to go to work but when it comes to the weekend its just impossible! Looking at my phone is the worst, the Facebook and Snapchat updates and seeing everyone having fun really gets me down. So while standing at the till a young man comes into the shop looking nervous holding a large envelope. As he begins to talk he asks if there is any part-time work available as he is desperate for a job. I replied with the same response as it is for everyone ‘there is nothing at the moment but leave your CV and if anything comes up we will give you a ring. As the man left the shop looking disappointed it made me think about how i had been feeling all morning and it made me realize how luck I actually am, that i have a job and an income and can afford nice things.

For the rest of the day I decided to act more positively about being at work and how I am lucky to be able to have a car and afford to put petrol in it, go out for dinner and spoil my girlfriend. The last few hours of work I greeted each customer with a smile on my face and I saw the difference in the way they interacted with me. It showed me how far a positive attitude can go. Work flew today and I left with a completely different aspect of my own life as I left the shop.

I work around 4-5 days of the week making around 200-300 euro. I first started working as I desperately wanted my own car and be able to afford all the expenses that come with it. Work was slow to start and I wasn’t making as much as I am now but with constant support from my family especially my Grandfather I soon climbed up the ladder to where I am now. My pay hasn’t changed but I get more bonus’ here and there and more hours when I need them. I will talk more about work in a later blog.

As my day came to an end I had been starving all day but decided not to eat so I could get a takeaway! Its fair to say i’m not the most healthy person to ever exist! I went to the local kebab shop and ordered a donner kebab. While they were making it I went back out to my car and rang my Grandfather for a catch up. 15 minutes later I went back in, the man behind the counter had a big smile on his face, he handed me my food and said ‘Two donner kebabs’. I corrected him and said no only one to which he replied your work day is over share this other one with someone you deserve it. My face lit up with a smile. I began to talk with the man and it turned out he had come into the shop where i was working earlier and he said ‘I was having a bad day your smile lit me up and you wished me a good day, and my day got better’. I couldn’t believe it at first but it showed me that my positive attitude to my day had rubbed off on him and it had benefited me. Today ended up being a great day.


That’s all i have for today’s blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you are down this far I want to say a massive thank you. If you have anything you wish to ask me or talk to me feel free to comment. Also any tips on how I write and length etc. please let me know as I’m still new to this whole sort of thing. Thanks again for reading!

Catch you in the next blog! CHARLIE.