Update – It’s been a while…

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog and that’s been for a number of reasons. I always have the urge to come back and post again but life and the general craziness of it has stopped me doing so. Life has just been really busy the last couple of months, from college starting up again in September to work and fitting it all in, it has just left me with no time to post on my blog and doing what I really want to do.

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However, I’ve decided to return to the world of blogging and fit it into my time as best I can. I truly love blogging even if nobody reads what I write, it’s a way for me to vent or share what’s on my mind. Being able to put my thoughts onto a page really helps my mind to release and makes me feel so much better after doing so. I’ve been learning a lot about self-care and well-being in college at the moment and one part that really hit home was about writing and sharing your thoughts and feelings and the impact that it can have on your mental health. This made me think a lot about this blog and how it made me feel when I was updating and posting regularly. With all this in mind it led me to make my return!

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I thought about scrapping all the posts I have on this blog and starting fresh but I couldn’t do it. I enjoy reading back on what I was doing at certain times and how I was feeling, the have a certain nostalgia to them. So, I decided to keep my old posts and just continue from this post as I mean to go on.

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Nothing will really change in the content that I post only it may not be as often as before. I’m changing the ‘day to day’ posts into ‘life updates’ so it takes the pressure off to post every single day. I will continue writing separate posts about random things that happen in my life or things that I want to discuss. For the future as I mentioned before I stopped posting I would really like to start some kind of review section to this blog but that really is just for the future.

I don’t want to keep going on and on, this is just a post to state that I’m back to posting (as best I can) and look forward to producing content again! At the moment this blog has 60 followers which really is quite amazing to me so if anyone is reading this far down thank you and I hope you are keeping well!

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A more in depth life update will follow this post soon! Take care 🙂

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Catch you in the next post! CHARLIE.

Update – Hitting 50 followers!

Hey guys! So, as you can see from the title today, I hit 50 followers! It seems like only yesterday I was writing the post thanking for 20 followers. When I started this blog, I wasn’t even thinking about followers and likes but seeing people following and liking my posts really feels great! I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has followed and has been liking my posts it really does mean a lot and its great to see regular people liking the posts and visiting the blog.

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I have been thinking of lots of new ideas for posts and content for this blog which you will start to see popping up in my posts. Its exciting to see this blog grow and getting feedback is great. The ‘day to day’ posts will continue and I will do a post later today. Along with these posts you can see from my last post here that I have started a quotes and stories series so go check it out and look out for more updates. Its been a while since I was on holiday, but you can expect the updates on that very soon. I’m also thinking of starting a new ‘reviews’ part to the blog which will be from book reviews to pretty much anything and everything so make sure to give me a follow so you can get all the updates on that!

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I just want to end with another massive thank you to everyone who has followed me and the continued support with likes and comments. I hope this blog will only continue to grow and more people can enjoy.

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Catch you in the next blog! CHARLIE