Day 6 – A quick update

Hey guys! Just a quick update as don’t have too much time to post at the moment!

Today was a super lazy day as I didn’t have work! Although I got to sleep in and have done nothing all day, I feel like I almost slept too much! I hate that feeling when you get loads of sleep but still feel super tired when you wake as if you only got a couple hours rest!  Not much went on today although me and my girlfriend got a HUGE Mc Donalds! I’m a real fan of it even though I know its super bad for you! But hey as long as you don’t have it all the time your fairly safe! That is pretty much as exciting as my day got! My girlfriend came down today! It is always great to be with her and spend time with her. We are heading back to hers tomorrow evening which is nice to get a few days in a row together!

Tomorrow we have another day off and we are going to climb Croagh Patrick! Croagh Patrick is a big mountain out here in the West of Ireland right on the coast and is famous as it is a place of pilgrimage! I will talk more about it though and my experience of climbing it in tomorrows blog so, keep a eye out for that!

Also posts about my holiday in Budapest will be coming soon! I’m currently in the process of writing them and sorting them into different posts! I want to try and make them a little bit more professional than the day to day posts if I can! So keep an eye out for those!

If you are reading this I hope you had a great day! Leave a like and check out my other posts while you are here! A follow is much appreciated as always too!

Catch you in the next post, CHARLIE



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