Day 3 – Work.. The last shift before my HOLIDAYS!

Hey guys, short update for day 3!

So it was a Saturday, lovely! Nope…. Time for work! To be honest it’s not too bad as I only work 2 until 9 on a Saturday but I never do myself any favors and wake up at around 12 or half 12 and have to get ready for work straight away! I think it’s a mental block I have where I have to go to bed late and have to get up late just because its the weekend! I really need to work at going to bed at a normal time so I can get earlier and make the most of my day!

The day flew at work! There was loads to do which makes time fly! Those are the best days. I hate standing around wondering what to do it just makes time go so slow! Nothing major happened today at work it was pretty smooth sailing! Which was nice for a change!

Image result for holiday

It was the last shift before my HOLIDAYS! Wooo! Super Super excited! I’m away for a few days from tomorrow so I wont be post as much for a few days after today! I hope I will come back with lots of stories to write about! I wont be doing any day to day updates while on holiday but I will be posting all about it on my holidays section which can be found here. I will return with daily updates on Thursday / Friday!

That’s all for this post! I’m leaving now shortly to go up to may girlfriends and leaving for Budapest tomorrow!

Catch you in the next post! CHARLIE

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