Update – It’s been a while…

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog and that’s been for a number of reasons. I always have the urge to come back and post again but life and the general craziness of it has stopped me doing so. Life has just been really busy the last couple of months, from college starting up again in September to work and fitting it all in, it has just left me with no time to post on my blog and doing what I really want to do.

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However, I’ve decided to return to the world of blogging and fit it into my time as best I can. I truly love blogging even if nobody reads what I write, it’s a way for me to vent or share what’s on my mind. Being able to put my thoughts onto a page really helps my mind to release and makes me feel so much better after doing so. I’ve been learning a lot about self-care and well-being in college at the moment and one part that really hit home was about writing and sharing your thoughts and feelings and the impact that it can have on your mental health. This made me think a lot about this blog and how it made me feel when I was updating and posting regularly. With all this in mind it led me to make my return!

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I thought about scrapping all the posts I have on this blog and starting fresh but I couldn’t do it. I enjoy reading back on what I was doing at certain times and how I was feeling, the have a certain nostalgia to them. So, I decided to keep my old posts and just continue from this post as I mean to go on.

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Nothing will really change in the content that I post only it may not be as often as before. I’m changing the ‘day to day’ posts into ‘life updates’ so it takes the pressure off to post every single day. I will continue writing separate posts about random things that happen in my life or things that I want to discuss. For the future as I mentioned before I stopped posting I would really like to start some kind of review section to this blog but that really is just for the future.

I don’t want to keep going on and on, this is just a post to state that I’m back to posting (as best I can) and look forward to producing content again! At the moment this blog has 60 followers which really is quite amazing to me so if anyone is reading this far down thank you and I hope you are keeping well!

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A more in depth life update will follow this post soon! Take care 🙂

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Catch you in the next post! CHARLIE.

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Day 8 – Bank Holidays SUCK! How do you spend yours?

Hey guys, another update to keep the day by day posts going.

Today sucked! It’s a bank holiday here in Ireland and, where was I? Yep, in work…. LITERALLY all day. The one bad thing about working in retail well, one of the worst things about working in retail is that the only time the shop closes is Christmas Day. That means every other single day of the year I could be working. Weekends, holidays and bank holidays I work the lot! Don’t get me wrong I do get some days off (quite a lot really) but lately it seems I’m working for all the bank holidays and every weekend.

Image result for work work work gif

My day started with waking up to my third alarm at 8:30. I had work at 9am and I was opening the shop! Well done Charlie…. I had to rush around the house super quick to get ready in time and speed down to the shop to get it open on time. Yes, I drive to work and yes, I only live a 10-minute walk away from work I’m just super lazy sometimes. Well most of the time….

Image result for slept in gif

The morning flew and before I knew it, it was 12pm and only an hour until I finish my shift. Unfortunately for me my boss had asked me the last time I was in if I would work an extra shift today as there was nobody to lock up the shop only me if I was around to do it. I hate saying no to my boss as he is good to me and helps me out a lot so I said I would do it. By 1pm I headed off home regretting my decision to do another shift.

Image result for doh

I got some lunch and went home to put my feet up. I realised it wasn’t as bad I was making it out to be going back into work as I wasn’t in until 6pm and was closing the shop at 9pm. Of course, as always, my break flew and before I knew it, I was back into work.

The evening ended up flying and at around 10 to 9 I decided to sort the tills so we could lock as it was dead quiet. Then as always 5 minutes from closing I kid you not about 20 people came into the shop. I was slowly getting angrier and angrier! I calmed myself down and got on with it and eventually got everyone served and locked up the shop! PHEW!

Image result for phew

That pretty much brings me to now. I’m alone tonight as Kelly is back at home as she is working tomorrow so I’m just going to put my feet up and relax after a hard day’s work. It feels good now, much better than 8:30 this morning! It wasn’t the best way to spend my Bank Holiday Monday but hey, you can’t win them all!

That’s it for this post, I hope you enjoyed the read! If you are down this far let me know how you like to spend your Bank Holidays! Leave a like and share if you enjoyed! A follow is always greatly appreciated!

Catch you in the next post! CHARLIE.

Update – Hitting 50 followers!

Hey guys! So, as you can see from the title today, I hit 50 followers! It seems like only yesterday I was writing the post thanking for 20 followers. When I started this blog, I wasn’t even thinking about followers and likes but seeing people following and liking my posts really feels great! I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has followed and has been liking my posts it really does mean a lot and its great to see regular people liking the posts and visiting the blog.

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I have been thinking of lots of new ideas for posts and content for this blog which you will start to see popping up in my posts. Its exciting to see this blog grow and getting feedback is great. The ‘day to day’ posts will continue and I will do a post later today. Along with these posts you can see from my last post here that I have started a quotes and stories series so go check it out and look out for more updates. Its been a while since I was on holiday, but you can expect the updates on that very soon. I’m also thinking of starting a new ‘reviews’ part to the blog which will be from book reviews to pretty much anything and everything so make sure to give me a follow so you can get all the updates on that!

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I just want to end with another massive thank you to everyone who has followed me and the continued support with likes and comments. I hope this blog will only continue to grow and more people can enjoy.

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That’s all for this post. Make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed and make sure to check out my other posts too! As always, a follow is always greatly appreciated.

Catch you in the next blog! CHARLIE

Day 7 – Football ups and downs

Hey guys! So, a new thing to share about me is that I’m a pretty big fan of football! As you may have been able to guess from the title of this blog, I’m either a fan of Liverpool or Tottenham. The answer is Tottenham Hotspur! I’ve supported Spurs since I was a young lad and have shared the ups and downs of the football club! Although they have never been the best football club, I have stuck by them and watched them grow into one of the top sides in England or as we have seen this season one of the top teams in Europe. I’m always annoyed about the way people talk about Spurs. They never give them the recognition they deserve and are never the top talked about story or covered by the social media. I hoped that would change this evening but unfortunately it did not. Spurs lost the final tonight in Madrid 2-0 against Liverpool, but they really gave it a good go and for a large portion of the game in my opinion were the better side.

Image result for tottenham hotspur

So where did my day start? As mentioned in my previous post I have been down at Kelly’s the last couple of days and left for home this morning. What was the reason I had to head home? Yep WORK…. Of all the nights to be working it would have to be the night my football team could make history or were making history. I was gutted when I found out I was working and couldn’t get it changed, after all who wants to work on a Saturday evening! I woke up tired and almost fell back asleep, so I had to leave in a bit of a rush! By the time I got home I only had an hour until work.

Image result for working sucks

Work went ok. It went quick which is always good! It wasn’t overly busy but there was a good bit to do about the shop which kept me busy and my mind off the fact I was missing the game. The game started at 8pm and I finished at 9pm. During work I sneaked off to the toilet a couple of times to ring my Grandad to get updates on the score and the match. Once 9pm came and the shop was locked up I sped home just in time for the second half of the game! I sat on the sofa barely able to watch! It was one of the only times I was nervous watching the game and was shouting at the T.V! Although Spurs gave it their best shot it just wasn’t enough on the day!

Image result for champions league final

It was sad to see them loose the final as after all nobody ever remembers the losers, only the winners. I have to say though I was proud of how well they did, and it was really a great season for the club and great to watch another successful season!

Now I’m just making this post before I head off to sleep. I don’t have too much planned for tomorrow but I’m off work so I might get up to something! I will let you know in tomorrow’s post!

That’s all for this post! I hope you enjoyed the read, if you did make sure to leave a like and let me know in the comments what you thought of todays match if you are into football! As always, a follow is always appreciated!

Catch you in the next post! CHARLIE

Climbing Croagh Patrick

So, me and my girlfriend climbed Croagh Patrick! We have lived close to this mountain for the past few years and have always said that we should climb it and today was the day. To be honest I thought it was going to be relatively easy but boy was I wrong! Now I’m not the fittest person going but I really was not ready for the climb ahead!

Related image

A statue of Saint Patrick under ‘The Reek’

Croagh Patrick which is nicknamed ‘The Reek’ is located outside of a town called Westport on the west coast of Ireland. It is a famous landmark as it is a place of pilgrimage and is in an iconic mountain point shape when looking at it from a distance. The tales that go with Croagh Patrick are with Saint Patrick who is the patron saint of Ireland. Most of you probably know about Saint Patrick from Saint Patricks Day on the 17th of March which is now celebrated all over the world. It is from the top of Croagh Patrick that Saint Patrick banished all the snakes and demons from Ireland. There is a church constructed at the top and mass is said up there during the time of pilgrimage and there has even been a wedding up there! Some people choose to climb the mountain in their bare feet as Saint Patrick did, but this is not advised. More information about this mountain and its history can be found here.

Image result for croagh patrick church

The church at the top of the mountain

The climb up Croagh Patrick is not really a climb but more a very steep walk. There are a couple of ways up the mountain, but we went the pilgrimage way which is a trail that leads up to about halfway up the mountain then a steep climb to the very top. I must be honest I was wrecked just getting to the part where the actual mountain starts as it’s a steep climb. The mountain looks very daunting when you are standing at the very base and the trail looks dangerous with loose rock and one way up and down. However, there were loads of people doing it even children, so we had to battle on and get to the top.

Related image

A view of the final climb to the top featured on Advertiser.ie

Once we got to the top the view was amazing! It was a great day to do the climb and you could see for miles in every direction inland and out to sea. It felt great to have made it to the top and it was a great achievement. We got a few of the necessary Instagram shots at the top and then began to make our descent. Getting down the top part is very tricky as its very steep and it is all loose rock. On the way down we met mountain rescue members with a man who had decided to climb in his bare feet and had nearly made it the whole was but was forced to stop due to the condition of his feet. He had to get airlifted off the mountain which was cool to see.

Picture taken by my girlfriend of our view at the top

Eventually we made it back down to the bottom and into the car safe and sound! Looking back up at the mountain it felt great and we had a great sense of achievement. Maybe getting to the top will even bring us some good luck as some people say!

That’s all for this post! It’s a bit of a longer read but I hope you guys enjoyed. Leave a comment if there are any questions you have about Croagh Patrick or our experience and I will answer as best I can!

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Day 6 – A quick update

Hey guys! Just a quick update as don’t have too much time to post at the moment!

Today was a super lazy day as I didn’t have work! Although I got to sleep in and have done nothing all day, I feel like I almost slept too much! I hate that feeling when you get loads of sleep but still feel super tired when you wake as if you only got a couple hours rest!  Not much went on today although me and my girlfriend got a HUGE Mc Donalds! I’m a real fan of it even though I know its super bad for you! But hey as long as you don’t have it all the time your fairly safe! That is pretty much as exciting as my day got! My girlfriend came down today! It is always great to be with her and spend time with her. We are heading back to hers tomorrow evening which is nice to get a few days in a row together!

Tomorrow we have another day off and we are going to climb Croagh Patrick! Croagh Patrick is a big mountain out here in the West of Ireland right on the coast and is famous as it is a place of pilgrimage! I will talk more about it though and my experience of climbing it in tomorrows blog so, keep a eye out for that!

Also posts about my holiday in Budapest will be coming soon! I’m currently in the process of writing them and sorting them into different posts! I want to try and make them a little bit more professional than the day to day posts if I can! So keep an eye out for those!

If you are reading this I hope you had a great day! Leave a like and check out my other posts while you are here! A follow is much appreciated as always too!

Catch you in the next post, CHARLIE



Day 5 – Holiday Blues!

Hey guys, Today is just a short update as I have not posted in the last couple of days! The reason I have not posted is because I have been on holiday in Budapest! Lets be honest the last thing you want to do when on holiday is sit inside on the computer! I’m sorry if any of you have been following these posts and were looking forward to new updates!

The holiday was great! I honestly have to say that our trip to Budapest was one of my favorite holidays ever! I have loads of pictures, stories, reviews and hints and tips to share with you all! Keep any eye out for updates on this blog!

I’m fully in holiday blues mode at the moment! The only good thing is I still have a couple of days off work! Really not looking forward to going back but hey, I can still enjoy the next couple of days as best I can!

Anyways that’s all for this post! It’s very short! Just a quick update to let you know that I’m still alive and posting! More posts will follow as normal from tomorrow!

Leave a like and follow if you are new! If there is anything you like to know about Budapest let me know in the comments and I will answer as best I can! As I said, I will be doing reviews and updates about holiday in Budapest over the next couple of days so make sure to follow the blog if it is a place you are interested in going!

Catch you in the next post! CHARLIE

Day 4 – Holiday starts tomorrow!

Hey guys! Today is a short update on what’s going on in my life!

So it turns out you can get wordpress on your phone! I never knew! I know what your thinking… what an idiot! This means I will be able to keep post my day to day blog posts! YAY! They may be a bit shorter though as writing on my phone is a real pain!

Today marked the start of my time off work for my holiday! It felt great waking up late knowing I don’t have to worry about anything for the next week! I got the final bits packed for the trip, loaded up the car and headed for my girlfriends home house!

It takes about an hour and a half to drive down to hers. It was nice to drive and be with my thoughts. I got super super excited on the way down for the trip away to Budapest!

Once I got down we packed our last bits into our bags ready to set off tomorrow! Our flight is later in the day so we don’t have to get up early which is nice!

Tonight we just plan on watching TV, having a couple of drinks and relaxing so we are ready for tomorrow! It was a good day..

That’s all for this post! Thank you to everyone who is liking and following the blog! We are now at 35 followers which is crazy for me and feels great so thank you!

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Catch you in the next post! CHARLIE

Day 3 – Work.. The last shift before my HOLIDAYS!

Hey guys, short update for day 3!

So it was a Saturday, lovely! Nope…. Time for work! To be honest it’s not too bad as I only work 2 until 9 on a Saturday but I never do myself any favors and wake up at around 12 or half 12 and have to get ready for work straight away! I think it’s a mental block I have where I have to go to bed late and have to get up late just because its the weekend! I really need to work at going to bed at a normal time so I can get earlier and make the most of my day!

The day flew at work! There was loads to do which makes time fly! Those are the best days. I hate standing around wondering what to do it just makes time go so slow! Nothing major happened today at work it was pretty smooth sailing! Which was nice for a change!

Image result for holiday

It was the last shift before my HOLIDAYS! Wooo! Super Super excited! I’m away for a few days from tomorrow so I wont be post as much for a few days after today! I hope I will come back with lots of stories to write about! I wont be doing any day to day updates while on holiday but I will be posting all about it on my holidays section which can be found here. I will return with daily updates on Thursday / Friday!

That’s all for this post! I’m leaving now shortly to go up to may girlfriends and leaving for Budapest tomorrow!

Catch you in the next post! CHARLIE